Therapeutic Antibody Products

Monoclonal antibodies can bind almost unlimited number of target proteins with high specificity catapulted. This feature makes them as a starring role within the world of precision medicine and biological sciences over the past decades. Since the invention of hybridomas in 1975, these “magic bullets” have rapidly grown from a small part in drug industry to now dominating over 50% of the overall biotherapeutic market. So far, more than 70 mAbs, serving either therapeutic or diagnostic purposes, have been approved worldwide, with hundreds of candidates under clinical trials. Furthermore, with continuous advancement of understanding of disease at molecular level, there are increasing numbers of important novel targets for modulating diseases. Monoclonal antibodies, on the other hand, can offer the most rapid route to a clinical proof-of-concept for activating, inhibiting or blocking these new targets, due to their outstanding features such as high selectivity and good immune tolerance.

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Advantages of therapeutic antibodies

> High specificity, low off-target risks
> Low or no immunogenicity concerns
> High binding affinity
> Long-term benefits with short-term therapy

Fully understanding the critical needs, IgClue has developed a full product line of therapeutic antibodies backed by our well-established antibody manufacture platform and scientific expertise. Our catalog now covers almost all marketed antibody drugs available for diverse indications, such as cancer, infectious disease, inflammatory conditions, etc. Quality antibodies can be guaranteed with zero endotoxin, fully verified functionalities that are ready to be used in various in vitro/in vivo assays.

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