Single Domain Antibodies

IgClue provides a full range of high-quality single domain antibody products to meet the specific research requirement. Single domain antibodies (sdAb), also known as nanobody, are a unique antibody class, first discovered in camelids (camels, llamas, alpacas, etc.) devoid of light chains. Consisting of only a pair of heavy chains attached to a variable region (VHH). sdAb is the smallest antigen-binding agents (~15 kD) compared with conventional mammalian antibodies (~150 kD) or antibody fragments such as Fab (~50 kD) and scFv (~25 kD). For this reason, sdAbs possess many unique properties:

Good tissue penetration ability (able to cross blood-brain barrier)
Broader epitope recognition, especially conformational or not easily accessible sites, such as small cavities or clefts
Good solubility
Better stability under extreme conditions (pH, temperature)

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Nanobodies are single-domain antibodies derived from llama heavy-chain-only antibodies. (Rissiek B. 2014).png

All these features make sdAbs the forefront of antibody research in diverse research, therapeutic and diagnostic areas, including HIV, cancer, etc. Based on our leading antibody technical platform, IgClue confidently present best-quality sdAb products to fulfil diverse custom demands. Our category covers a comprehensive spectrum of targets to fit your requirements. We are also capable to customize products meet your needs.

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