Other Antibody Products

In additional to conventional research / therapeutic antibody products, IgClue is also specialized in tailoring various other types of antibody products to suit your specific needs:

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Single Domain Antibodies

Due to the unique structure, sdAbs from llama and camels represent an increasingly popular alternative to conventional mAbs, offering many attractive properties. IgClue has integrated an abundant category of sdAbs to help fulfil your research perspective. >Learn More

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Chicken IgY

IgY derived from chicken egg yolk is another type of unique antibodies, which can be used in a variety of applications. We now provide both monoclonal and polyclonal chicken IgY products ready for your research. >Learn More

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Agonistic & antagonistic antibodies

Antibodies with agonistic / antagonistic functions are valuable tools for many activation, neutralizing or blocking studies, both in vitro and in vivo. We have included a series of functional grade antibody products for your selection. >Learn More

Dedicated in antibody development and manufacture for years, scientific team in IgClue is always prepared to leverage our high-quality products and services to benefit custom research progresses. Customized solutions are also available upon request. Please inquire us if you have interest.

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