Monoclonal Antibodies

IgClue proudly presents our high-quality monoclonal antibody products to our customers. With multiple host species, flexible modifications and various application areas, our monoclonal primary antibodies can be an ideal tool to facilitate your experiment.

Monoclonal antibodies are highly selective immunoglobulin that only interact with one antigen epitope. Since the invention of hybridomas in 1975, monoclonal antibodies have been extensively used in a broad range of laboratory techniques to answer basic research questions, such as:

The high specificity and homogeneous nature make monoclonal antibody very efficient in experimental performances, with less background interference and low cross-reactivity with other proteins. Moreover, in contrast to polyclonal, monoclonal antibodies can ensure minimize batch-to-batch variations, thus can work well under constant conditions.

IgClue provides a wide spectrum of research-ready monoclonal primary antibody products for your selection:

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