Isotype Control Antibodies

Using of primary antibodies may have inevitable background staining in many typical immunoassays. Mostly they are caused by: 1) non-specific binding with Fc receptors on target cells; 2) non-specific antibody interactions with other cellular components (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, etc.); 3) cellular auto-fluorescence and etc. In order to rule out the irrelevant background interference, selecting an appropriate isotype control antibody is one of a great essence. Isotype control antibodies, also regarded as negative controls, are antibodies lacking target specificity but matching the immunoglobulin class & type of the primary antibody used in flow cytometry or immunohistochemistry. They are also frequently used as standard blocking / coating agents before addition of primary antibodies.

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One important issue in choosing the right isotype control is to match the primary Ab’s host species, class (including light chains, e.g. LgG2 Lambda), as well as conjugates. IgClue has a wide range of isotype control antibody products for customers to choose from. We also provide comprehensive guidance to ensure the accuracy and reliability of experimental outcomes.

If you have any questions or specific requirements, please feel free to contact our tech team for more information. Multiple other high-quality antibody products & services are available in IgClue. We welcome you to discuss your needs with us and see what we can do to support your research.

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