Hybridoma Sequencing Service

Ig Clue is confident to introduce our professional hybridoma antibody sequencing service via our PCR-based methodology. Hybridomas represent an important source of monoclonal antibodies, yet problems arising from storage (e.g. viability, contamination) and gene loss, drift and mutation, can be very fatal in terms of serving as an ideal host for long-term production. Therefore, extracting the precise sequence of mAb from hybridomas is of great essence, not only for stable recombinant expression, but also to attain intellectual properties and expand downstream engineering options like humanization.

Ig Clue has established a PCR-based hybridoma sequencing workflow, coupled with degenerate primer design (as shown below). mRNA will be extracted using degenerate FR1 primers designed for PCR amplification of immunoglobulin (Ig) light and heavy chain variable regions. Gene sequence will then be translated into antibody sequence will high accuracy and efficiency.

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We now offer full-package sequencing service for our clients covering the whole analytic steps. Just provide us the hybridoma cell samples (species source, antibody isotype), and we will return comprehensive sequence report with annotated CDR and heavy & light chain alignments. In addition, sequencing plasmid containing mAb coding sequence can also be delivered if needed.

Highlights of Ig Clue’s Hybridoma Sequencing Service:
● Impeccable success rate
● Unparalleled precision & accuracy – guaranteed by our leading platform and skillful staff dedicated to perfection
● Compatible with multiple antibody isotypes (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgM, etc.) from diverse species (mouse, rat, rabbit, camel, human, etc.)
● Strict confidentiality – your sequence your property
● High throughput – able to handle hundreds of antibodies simultaneously
● Competitive pricing, and short lead time within weeks and even days

Scientists at Ig Clue have been devoted to developing peak-quality products & services that our customers can count on to achieve their research goals. We are always committed to your project success just as you are along the way. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.