Human Antibodies

Based on the success of humanized mAbs in clinic, discovery technologies to obtain fully human mAbs started being explored in early 90’s. No matter chimeric or humanized antibodies, they are still foreign to human by nature and associated problems (such as HACA, HAHA) persist. In attempt to take a step further, several emerging technologies contribute to the generation of 100% human mAbs.

Recombinant display: phage display, yeast display, etc.
Transgenic animals expressing human antibody repertoire
Human B cell immortalization

This is an exceptional progress in the history of therapeutic mAbs, its reveals that human antibodies exhibit superior safety, efficacy profile to other antibody types. Fully human mAbs now represent the fastest growing groups of targeted therapeutic drugs approaching the clinic.

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Focused on the latest development and trends of antibody drug field, IgClue now offers a comprehensive catalog of human antibody products. Our quality-assured products with high purity and validated functionalities can be powerful tools for various in vitro/in vivo experiments.

With leading antibody manufacture platform and well-trained scientists, IgClue can be a trustworthy companion to support your lab efforts and broaden your research capabilities. We are also prepared to make customized products if needed. Please inquire for further discussions.

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