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Fc Engineered Antibodies

Generally speaking, antibodies deliver their intended effects via 2 major mechanisms: direct effects through Fv region (interacting with specific targets), indirect effects through Fc region (eliciting humoral and cellular immune effector functions such as ADCC, ADCP, CDC, etc.).
It is also proven that Fc binding with FcRn on endothelial cells is closely related to antibodies’ serum half-life. Therefore, Fc domain is of great significances in determining the functions & potencies of therapeutic antibodies. Numerous efforts have been made to modulate antibody in vivo performance by Fc engineering, such as amino acid mutation, glycosylation modification and subclass switching.
Given its critical role in antibody potency, Fc engineering has been a hot spot in therapeutic antibody development. Many approved antibody drugs as well as a number of preclinical candidates reveal optimized in vivo properties with engineered Fc domains:

Enhance immune effector functions (increased cytotoxicity): e.g. rituximab, ofatumumab, mogamulizumab, obinutuzumab.
Decrease immune effector functions (attenuated cytotoxicity) : e.g. eculizumab
Alter serum half-life: e.g. Motavizumab-YTE.

Based on leading technical platform and extensive research experience, IgClue now introduce a collection of Fc engineered therapeutic antibody products to worldwide researchers. In addition, we also offer customized solutions to make antibodies that suit your specific needs.

To expand your research capabilities and accelerate your project progress, please contact us and check what we can do to benefit your lab today.

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