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Epitope Tag Antibodies

Epitope tags are frequently used in recombinant protein expression. IgClue now provides a wide selection of primary antibodies specific to epitope tags to benefit your research progress. By introducing a unique sequence of amino acids at N-/C-terminal of a recombinant protein. The final products can be directly detected via corresponding epitope tag antibodies, which greatly simplifies the process of protein identification and separation, etc.
Dedicated in antibody research & development for years, IgClue now offers fully-validated primary antibody products against most of the commonly used epitope tags, fluorescent dyes as well as fusion proteins, including but not limited to:

In addition to antibodies against epitope tags, we also have antibody labeling service to conjugate your antibody to specific tags or dyes. Our scientists invite you to contact us and discuss how IgClue can help on your ongoing research.

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