Customized Solutions

If you cannot find an expected product or look forward to a specific solution to your research questions, our customized services are the best option to cater your needs. In addition, the comprehensive product categories, Ig Clue is also specialized in tailoring various service programs to suit custom needs. Based on our advanced technical platform and experienced staff scientists, we are always dedicated in providing professional antibody-related services to facilitate your lab research progress on a budget and timeframe that exceed expectations.
Scientist at Ig Clue are more than happy to present following featured custom services to supporting your research efforts:

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Antibody Labeling

We offer antibody labeling service to conjugate your antibody of interest to a variety of commonly used tags, at any scales. >Learn more

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Custom Antibody Production

Ig Clue has well-established antibody manufacture platform (both eukaryotic and prokaryotic) for the production of antibodies at any sizes. Full length IgGs, scFvs, Fabs are all available. >Learn more

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Custom Antibody Development

Aided by multiple leading technologies and vast experience, our scientist team is professional in generating antibodies (monoclonal or polyclonal) against a specific target. >Learn more

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Custom Antibody Sequencing

Precise sequence information of monoclonal antibody is the prerequisite for large-scale production and further engineering work. We offer specialized services of hybridoma mRNA sequencing, as well as de novo sequencing. >Learn more

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Antibody Epitope Mapping

Epitope information is very crucial for profiling antibody function and MOA. Aided by a leading technical platform, our scientists are now able to map the interactions between antibody and antigen in fine details. >Learn more

Our services are highly flexible and customizable to projects of any size. At Ig Clue, we have earned great reputation from our clients in academia, research institutions and pharmaceutical industries. Please feel free to contact our team and check what we can offer to benefit your valuable projects.