Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production

Polyclonal antibodies are basically a collection of antibodies towards different epitopes of an antigen. In contrast to monoclonal that only recognize one epitope, pAbs are known to have higher titer, sensitivity as well as tolerance to conformational changes & denaturation, which makes them very suitable for applications like IC/ChIP, WB, ELISA, etc. Ig Clue offers one-stop polyclonal antibody production service from various species for our customers. Based on extensive experience in manufacturing thousands of high-quality antibody products, scientist at Ig Clue will process each custom project with the same mindset and dedication for developing catalog products, and promise the resultant pAbs will suit your requests in time line, budget and expected applications.

Selection of host species

We provide multiple host species for you to choose from:

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First option for most pAb preparation. Rabbit pAbs generally exhibit high affinity against a broad range of epitopes.

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Fast and low-cost, but only produce very small amount of antisera

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Suitable for large volume of pAbs production. Each goat can product 7-8 times the amount of serum to that of rabbit, and the IgG concentration is also a lot higher.

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Polyclonal IgYs can be directly purified from egg yolk, which is very fast, convenient and animal-friendly. Chicken antibodies also respond better to mammalian antigens (especially the highly conserved ones) than rabbit pAbs, allowing for lower background in assays like IF.


We could raise high-quality pAbs against proteins, peptides, cells, SDS gel pieces, toxins and other molecules. As alternative, we also have antigen design & preparation service with provided sequence to tailor appropriate antigens for injection.


We apply our optimized immunization protocol together with adjuvants to ensure vigorous immune responses. Customized immunization schemes can also be adopted depending on specific needs. Serum will be collected after titration result of at least 1:8,000.


Combined with refined purification methods, including but not limited to affinity purification, protein A/G columns, ion exchange, size exclusion, unwanted disturbing antibodies can be removed quickly, and final products with highest purity can be delivered. Moreover, we can also directly provide antisera if needed.

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Features of Ig Clue pAb generation service:
● Rich in-house experience and high success rate
● One-stop solution from antigen preparation
● Guaranteed pAbs with ELISA titer > 1:128,000
● Competitive price
● Flexible and customizable according to different requirements

Please feel free to let us know your needs and expectations about pAb production, we can help you select and formulate a most suitable service package and get started today.