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Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production

Monoclonal antibodies which are able to recognize numerous target types with high selectivity and affinity, represent the emerging generation of therapeutic / diagnostic agents, as well as robust probes in many research assays. Different from polyclonal, one important feature of mAbs is that once having the sequence, unlimited quantities of mAbs can be continuously obtained with minimum batch-to-batch variations, allowing for constant properties and performance. However, mAb molecules, especially full-length IgGs, generally have delicate structures (e.g. folding, PTMs), which are closely associated with their functionalities. Therefore, it is of great essence to have appropriate system, protocol and careful handling in order to obtain bioactive antibody products.

To date, many production systems have been explored for this purpose. With years of experience in antibody manufacture and optimized technical platforms & protocols, IgClue now offers professional mAb recombinant expression service, both eukaryotic and prokaryotic, to tailor high-quality custom mAbs for today’s researchers.

Prokaryotic System

E. coli is by far one of the most robust and low-cost protein production system reaching volumetric yields. It is very suitable for expression of small antibody fragments such as scFv and Fab. We have rich experience and in-house expertise in preparing recombinant antibody fragments via periplasm expression as well as refolding from inclusion bodies.

Eukaryotic System

Eukaryotic host cells are generally more efficient for secretion of large and complex IgGs. Mammalian cells such as CHO, HEK, are still the classic and most popular option for manufacturing over 90% of currently approved therapeutic antibodies. The advanced mammalian folding, secretion, and PTM apparatus is capable of producing antibodies with better functional performances and less immunogenicity concerns. For example, glycosylation is very crucial for many antibody effector functions, and CHO cells can offer more human-like glycosylation patterns, which is a great advantage. Besides, other eukaryotic hosts like insect and yeast are also frequently used in this regard.

IgClue now offers recombinant antibody generation service based on multiple efficient eukaryotic production systems:
● Mammalian cell expression: CHO cells, 293 cells
● Baculovirus-insect expression
● Yeast expression

IgClue guarantees:

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Subsequent modification & characterization services (e.g. antibody labeling, epitope mapping) can also be included in the package. Customers from academia, research institutions and industrial companies are welcomed to discuss your needs with our experts and help to accelerate your project success.