Custom Antibody Sequencing

Once having an mAb/hybridoma cell line of interest, it is crucial to obtain the sequence information for a variety of reasons:

● To secure your IP: sequence information especially the V region sequence is of great value for dictating the uniqueness of your antibody candidates, which takes a key part in patent application to secure your exclusive rights.
● To enable recombinant expression: accurate sequence info can guarantee continuous antibody production in various recombinant systems, in case of problems like gene loss, drift, mutation, hybridoma contamination, etc.
● To facilitate downstream development: antibody sequence can serve as blueprint for subsequent optimization & engineering work such as humanization, affinity maturation, etc., which are essential steps for broadening therapeutic potentials.

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Hybridoma mRNA Sequencing

Based on our PCR-based sequencing process, antibody genes can be extracted from hybridoma cells, amplified and analyzed to precisely dictate the sequencing information. We provide both full-length and V-region sequencing options depending on your needs.

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Antibody De Novo Sequencing

With the help of our state-of-the-art MS platform and profound expertise in bioinformatics analysis, we can identify 100% accurate antibody sequence with full coverage.

Highlights of IgClue Sequencing Service:
● Impeccable success rate
● Unparalleled precision & accuracy – guaranteed by our leading platform and skillful scientists dedicated to perfection
● Compatible with multiple antibody isotypes (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgM, etc.) from diverse species (mouse, rat, rabbit, camel, human, etc.)
● Strict confidentiality – your sequence your property
● High throughput – able to handle hundreds of antibodies simultaneously
● Competitive pricing, and short lead time within weeks and even days

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Alternative services such as recombinant production, epitope mapping can also be included as add-on steps according to custom demands. Scientists in IgClue are looking forward to supporting your research efforts with high-quality products & services. Feel free to ask for more detailed information.