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Custom Antibody Production

In addition to a full range of ready-made antibody products, IgClue is also professional in generating custom monoclonal & polyclonal antibodies to fit your specific purpose. Based on our leading technique platform as well as highly skilled scientists, we can rapidly evaluate, identify an optimal production scheme for your candidate antibody, and deliver the final products in a highly efficient and reliable way.

IgClue offer both monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production service to our worldwide customers:

Monoclonal Antibody Production
We present multiple expression systems, both eukaryotic and prokaryotic, to suit your requirements in quantity, purity, cost, time frame, etc. With given sequence info, we can start from sequence optimization to final purification. Other add-on services such as labeling can also be integrated as a whole package.

Polyclonal Antibody Production
Polyclonal antibodies can be prepared from a variety host species including mouse, rabbit, goat, chicken, etc. We can adjust the production schemes to meet your demands in scale and lead time. Refined purification methods can guarantee high purity and good performance in many assays.

Depending on different needs, our service packages are very flexible and can be customized to any scales. We can adopt customized protocols to suit your requirements as well. Scientific team in IgClue is always ready to leverage our skills and resources to help you achieve your research goals quickly, accurately and without wasting time and budget.