Custom Antibody Development

If the target happens not to be included in our catalog, it is time to develop a custom project. Equipped with multiple leading technologies as well as highly skilled scientific team in IgClue, we are always happy to tailor customized antibody development projects to support our clients’ research endeavors.

Two well-established strategies are used for antibody generation against a give antigen:
Custom Antibody Development via Hybridomas
Custom Antibody Development via Phage Display

They have different features and work well in different conditions:

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Project Evaluation

A team of scientists will be appointed to your project and discuss thoroughly the needs & requirements in prior. We will then formulate a proposal with every specific demand in mind. Our team will work with you and provide advice & tech support to help you make timely, responsive strategy decision in each step.

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Immunogen Preparation

Purified antigens (>90%) ready for injection will be needed to initiate immunization. We are capable of raising mAbs against proteins, peptides, cytokine, cells and many other molecules. In addition, our team is specialized in antigen design & preparation, including the most challenging membrane proteins.

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This is a one of the most crucial steps, as good immune responses are the prerequisite for generating antibodies with high specificity and affinity. With rich experience in immunization scheme design & conduction, we will formulate detailed plan on case-to-case basis, according to customer’s demands. Whole process will be monitored by ELISA titration and other assays (if needed).

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Antibody Development

After obtaining ideal immune outcomes, the splenocytes / antisera will be collected for subsequent antibody development campaign. Comprehensive screenings will be performed to identify clones with optimal properties. Different validation strategies are recommended to make sure that the final clones will meet your requirement in downstream applications.

Following steps such as production, purification, labeling with conventional tags can also be integrated as an entire package. Antibody experts at Ig Clue are committed to the success as you are at each stage, and we make sure every goals are delivered. We invite you to discuss your projects with us and see what we can do to benefit your research today.