Custom Antibody Development via Phage Display

Born in 1985, phage display has emerged as an attractive alternative to hybridomas in terms of monoclonal antibody development. Through genetic engineering, antibody fragments (scFv or Fab) can be displayed on the outer surface of filamentous phage particles, resulting in a direct linkage between phenotype and genotype. Therefore, it becomes possible to create a large pool of antibody repertoire and identify antigen-antibody interaction of interest using various screening methods. Phage display has been widely applied to raise all types of high-specificity, high-affinity binders (antibody, peptide, scaffold, etc.) for broad use in life science.

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M13 phage display cycle. (Levisson M. 2014)

Distinct advantages of phage display:
● No species limitation. Libraries can be generated from any animal, such as camels, rabbits, goats, even humans.
● Overwhelming library capacity (up to 1012) and diversity for binder selection, in contrast to limited numbers of hybridoma clones.
● Direct access to sequence, which facilitate further engineering and recombinant production.
● Flexible screening strategies can be used, including cell-based panning, in vivo screening, etc.
● Counter selection can be feasible to ensure high specificity
● Suitable for dealing with challenging antigens, e.g. toxic or low immunogenic molecules.

Ig Clue's extensive experience in phage display library construction and screening from a range of species (rabbits, mouse, rat, sheep, camels, llamas, and more). Of note, our team is specialized in isolating antibodies with desired species cross-reactivity characteristics, including epitope-specific, or PTM-targeting, or recognizing pre-determined antigen sites.
General process for phage display antibody development:

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Our service package is very flexible and customizable to any custom requests. Further needs such as labeling or recombinant antibody production can also be included as add-on steps. Committed to your project success just as you are, our staff will be working closely with you, providing professional support and advice to help you make the right decision at every stage.

Ig Clue guarantees:

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Scientist here at Ig Clue are devoted to accelerating the research progress of customers from academia and industries. We'd love to leverage our leading technologies and expertise to assist you along the way to success. Please contact us for more details.