Custom Antibody Development via Hybridomas

As the most classic and milestone for monoclonal antibody generation, hybridomas technique has been widely practiced in many academic labs as well as industrial companies. Invented in 1975, it basically relies on the fusion of mouse immunized B spleen cells with myeloma cells, resulting in immortal B cells secreting a single type of antibody. Subsequent screenings can then be performed to isolate antibody clones with desired affinity towards your target.

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A brief illustration of hybridoma workflow

Highlights of hybridomas technology:
● Good affinity due to in vivo affinity maturation and native VH-VL pairs
● High specificity and stability
● Well-proven platform and very mature protocols
● Easy to scale up with hybridoma cell lines

Ig Clue provide a complete suite of hybrdioma development services from mouse and rats. General process includes following stages:
Antigen preparation: Our team is experienced in dealing with various types of antigens, including proteins, peptides, cytokines, cells, etc. Additionally, we can also provide antigen design & production service if needed.
Immunization and ELISA titration: Detailed immunization scheme will be formulated with every factor taken into consideration. Usually 3-4 rounds of injection will be performed, and the outcome will be monitored via ELISA and other assays depending on different needs.
Cell fusion and hybridoma screenings: PEG fusion and HAT selection to obtain promising clones (size is variable depending on custom needs), and comprehensive screenings will be conducted to identify antigen-recognizing clones.
Subcloning and stabilizing clones in aim of maintaining long-term clonality.

Our service package is highly flexible and customizable to any specific requests. Additional needs such as labeling and antibody production can also be integrated as add-on steps. Committed to your project success just as you are, our staff will be working with you, providing professional support and advice to help you make the right decision at every stage.

Ig Clue gurantees:

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Ig Clue dedicated to tailoring first-class products & services to ease your lab efforts and broaden your research capabilities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.