Control Antibodies

Specialized in research antibody development & manufacture, IgClue now introduces a comprehensive portfolio of control antibody products to our customers.

Control antibodies are known to play a vital part in many antibody-based assay designs, to help ensure that signals detected can be properly attributed to specific antigen binding, rather than non-specific background interference. There are two mainly types of control antibodies:

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Isotype control antibodies
Isotype controls are often used as important negative controls in flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry assays to eliminate irrelevant background signal. IgClue are proudly to provide peak quality verified isotype control products for multiple host species and classes.

Loading control antibodies
Loading controls targeting stably expressed housekeeping proteins, such as GAPDH, actin. They provide practical and utilitarian means for standardizing and validating results of Western blotting tests.

From lab research to pharmaceutical applications, our well-established control antibody product line can promise you high quality, consistent result and exceptional value. Our scientists are happy to work with you step by step, assisting you to reach your research goals. Customized service is also available upon request. We welcome you to discuss your needs with us and see what we can do to benefit your valuable projects.

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