Chimeric Antibodies

Chimeric antibodies are generated through fusing variable regions of one species, e.g. mouse, with constant domains from another species, e.g. human. Thus, retaining the original binding properties of mouse V region, while compatible with human immune systems. This strategy was first applied to counteract the immunogenicity issues caused by using “foreign” mouse mAb in human body. Since many antibodies were initially developed in animals such as mice and rabbits, chimerization is a critical and preliminary step in order to reduce immunogenicity risks and optimize in vivo efficacy in prior to further engineering work. Nowadays there are still many chimeric mAb drugs active in clinic, including rituximab, abciximab and infliximab, etc.

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Equipped with years of experience and mature technique platform, IgClue is professional in preparing high-quality therapeutic antibody products. We provide a comprehensive catalog of chimeric antibodies which are endotoxin free with validated functionalities. Our quality-assured antibody products are suitable for diverse in vivo/in vitro R&D research and assay development.

In addition to these research-ready products, we are also pleased to offer customized services based on your specific demands. Research scientists in IgClue invite you to share your needs & questions with us.

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