Chicken IgY Antibodies

IgClue currently provide a comprehensive portfolio of chicken IgY antibodies for various research use. Different from other antibody types, IgY antibodies are derived from chicken egg yolk, without the need for anti-sera, which makes the antibody generation process quite robust, easy and animal-friendly. Due to totally different biological backgrounds, IgYs exhibit quality affinity & specificity, minimum cross-reactivity and low background noise compared with mammalian IgGs. Besides, they typically carry a large glycosylation index that allows flexible labeling with multiple tags. Therefore, IgYs are very popular in common research applications, including immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, immunochemistry, Western blot, flow cytometry, ELISA, etc.

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IgClue is expertise in tailoring all variety of research-ready antibody products. We now offer a number of chickens IgY products (monoclonal, polyclonal, scFv format), conjugated or unconjugated to meet your specific needs.

If you need any of our products & services to benefit your research, please contact us and find out what IgClue can offer.

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