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Antibody Labeling

Labeled antibodies are routinely used in a variety of research assays and diagnostic tests, allowing for simplified detection, identification and tracking of antibody or certain substances. Some conventional tags include HRP (e.g. WB, IHC), biotin/streptavidin (e.g. ELISA), fluorescent dyes or proteins (e.g. FACS, IF) and so on. Generally speaking, there are four strategies for antibody conjugation: linkage via charged amino acids, tyrosine residuals, sulfhydryl groups and carbohydrate moieties, and each has different pros and cons. Choosing appropriate tag and conjugation method is of great significance in generating high-performance labeled antibodies.

Specialized in antibody development & production, IgClue currently provides professional antibody labeling service to meet your demands. In our lab it is feasible to adopt diverse bioactive tags to your antibody of interest. Our skillful scientists will select the best strategy (or strategies) to generate ideal products for your downstream applications.

This service can be offered as an individual project or an integrated step in an antibody generation package. As alternative, we also have numerous conjugated antibody products covering a wide range of targets ready for your selection. Please inquire us for more details.