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Antibody Epitope Mapping

Mapping the interactions between antibody (paratope) and antigen (epitope) is very crucial for characterizing antibody’s mechanism of action, predicting suitable antigens, as well as securing intellectual property. A number of approaches have been used for antibody epitope mapping, including NMR, X-ray crystallography, mutagenesis, peptide-based ELISA, hydrogen–deuterium exchange coupled with MS, etc. However, these methods generally require high levels of expertise and cost, or only give information on linear structures, which greatly impedes interpreting the precise nature of antibody-antigen interactions.

In aim of overcoming this challenge, IgClue has introduced an innovative EpiLink™ technical platform. It is based on chemical cross-linking of proteins coupled with mass spectrometry analysis (CXMS) technique, which can outline the overall protein architecture via identifying direct binding partners and localizing the binding interface. Yet, conventional CXMS may have problems detecting and analyzing interlinked peptides, the most informative category that faithfully reflects antigen-antibody interaction. Therefore, EpiLink™ is peculiarly designed with to identify and interpret specific cross-linking spectra with enhanced sensitivity and accuracy, in a simple and efficient way.

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A brief illustration of EpiLink™ working process

Highlights of EpiLink™ antibody epitope mapping platform:
● Designed specifically to identify and interpret cross-linking spectra, allowing for higher sensitivity and accuracy
● Able to detect conformational epitopes in original folding at amino acid level.
● Only very small sample size is required
● Fast and efficient, with a very short lead-time.
● Highly skilled team with rich experience from a number of previous successful cases in utilizing EpiLink™ antibody epitope mapping

With the help of EpiLink™, we have successfully pinpointed the epitope information of multiple challenging antibodies. Our state-of-the-art platform can serve as a robust tool to offer precise structural insights of your antibody of interest. Feel free to contact us for more details.