Antibody De Novo Sequencing Service

Combined with years of experience in bioinformatics analysis and world-leading technique platform, Ig Clue now offers first-class antibody de novo sequencing service to help you get precise sequence infomation of your candidate antibodies.

Antibody sequences, particularly those within V regions, are of great significance in terms of recombinant expression, securing IP rights, and embarking further engineering work like humanization. Based on state-of-the-art mass spectrometry instrument, Obitrap Fusion Lumos, Ig Clue has launched a new generation of antibody de novo sequencing platform to dictate mAb sequence in an accurate, time-saving manner.

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Highlights of Ig Clue Hybridoma Sequencing Service:

End-to-end coverage: We select 5 different proteases for digestion step. 100% full sequence splicing of heavy and light chains can be achieved by using complementarity between different cleaved peptide segments. Amino acids within CDR regions will be scanned at least 10 times in particular, so as to secure highest accuracy (as shown below).

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Unparalleled precision & accuracy: cutting-edge Orbitrap Fusion Lumos platform with highest resolution, sensitivity and detection speed can make sure each amino acid will be determined with confidence. A group of highly experienced scientists will be dedicated to your project all the way through with strict quality control at each step.

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Advanced data processing algorithm: Ig Clue Biolabs has developed a unique mass spectrometry raw data processing algorithm, which enables precise identification of mAb sequence without missing any valid data.
Strict sequence verification: after getting the determined sequence, we will establish a new database with the sequence and verify the results using Sequence Confirmation Mode, in order to rule out any errors.
● Compatible with multiple antibody isotypes (IgG, IgM, IgA, etc.) from diverse species (mouse, rat, rabbit, camel, human, etc.), as well as conjugated antibodies, immobilized antibodies, and others.
Impeccable success rate
Strict confidentiality – your sequence your property
High throughput – able to handle hundreds of antibodies simultaneously
Competitive pricing, and short lead time within weeks and even days

Please contact us if you have interest. Tech team at Ig Clue is looking forward to working with you to accelerate your valuable progress and support your research efforts.