Anti-idiotypic Antibodies

The specificity and affinity features of an antibody mainly depend on the structure formed by the association of its VH and VL, also termed as idiotype. An idiotype contains the unique set of complementary determinant region (CDR, which makes direct contact with the antigen) and the framework region. When the idiotype of one antibody (usually an antibody drug) becomes the epitope of another antibody, we then call the latter one anti-idiotypic antibody (or anti-ID antibody).

As the growing popularity of therapeutic antibodies, anti-ID antibodies targeting various antibody drugs/candidates have been a powerful tool that allows for the detection and measurement of specific antibodies in a complex mixture of immunoglobulins. These highly specialized antibodies can be applied in various preclinical/clinical studies and therapeutic management, such as setting up PK/PD assays, immunogenicity (IR) studies, neutralizing assays and blocking assays, etc., in order to investigate drug properties and monitor potential risks.

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Schematic representation of anti-idiotypic antibodies. (D Stefan, JM Reichert, 2014)

IgClue provides a full series of anti-idiotypic antibody products to support customers’ research efforts. Our scientific team has developed high-specificity, high-affinity anti-ID products relevant to many hot therapeutic antibodies (i.e. rituximab, cetuximab, adalimumab) with comprehensive in-house validations.

Equipped with our extensive expertise and years of experience, our scientists are always prepared to assist our clients to reach their research goal with high-quality products & service. Please inquire us for more details.

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