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Agonistic & Antagonistic Antibodies

IgClue has launched a specialty collection of agonistic & antagonistic antibody products to meet modern research requirements. Antibodies are known as “magic bullets”, as they can recognize certain targets with amazing specificity and affinity to elicit downstream physiological functions. In addition to classical cell-killing MOAs such as ADCC, ADCP, CDC, antibodies are also capable of neutralizing, blocking or activating of receptors through specific binding. In those cases, antibodies can essentially act as agonists or antagonists by replacing the natural ligands. Such antibodies play a crucial role in modulating in vivo physiological processes. Currently there are a dozen of therapeutic mAb drugs are designated to fulfil such tasks, e.g. Conatumumab, CP-870893, TRX518. They are also of great value for mimicking or blocking key physiological functions in vitro and in vivo.

With well-established technical platform and rich experience in this field, IgClue now offering quality-assured agonistic & antagonistic antibody products free of preservation. Our functional-grade antibodies characterized by our specialists can serve as powerful tools for your research applications.

We'd love to customize antibody products to meet your special requirements. Contact us for more detailed information.

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